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Thinkers beat Things: what people value most
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Competitive advantage is now based on what you know rather than what you own.” Mary Adams

Have you noticed that your customers, your boss, your co-workers, your friends and your family all share something in common? They all value what you know, not what you own.

If you’re a plumber, the customer values your ability to identify the root cause of their water leak. They don’t value your new truck or tools.

If you’re a family business advisor, the customer values your questions and how they lead to answers that improve their situation. They don’t value your laptop or new website.

If you’re an employee, your boss and co-workers value you saying “I’ve seen this situation before, so here’s what I recommend we do.

If you’re a manufacturer, your customers value your knowledge of the requirements of their business and industry, not your new ERP system or robots.

Or if you’re a church music minister, the pastor values your knowledge of the Bible and how you chose the perfect songs to support their sermon topic, not your new keyboard.

What is the “Trigger” for someone to call you? It’s what you know, not what you own.

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