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What’s your daily nut to crack?  That’s a question I often ask business owners. What I’m searching for is, “How much do you need to sell today to break-even?” Fixed costs are the shell. Inside the shell are tasty profits. Break-even is sales revenue number your business must surpass to make a profit. Most business owners...
Good ideas don’t always spread. Wilt Chamberlain was a great basketball player but terrible free throw shooter. The average NBA player shoots 75%. Wilt made only 51% of his foul shots over his 14 year NBA career. The 1961-62 season, however, was different. During the 1961-62 season someone taught Wilt how to shoot free throws...
“People are far more interested in what works than what’s true.” This quote by Andy Stanley reminds me of my college macro-economics professor. Professor Hayashi repeatedly said, “In theory, this is how the market is supposed to work.” My professor taught what was true but failed to tell me what works. He taught sound theory....

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