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“Competitive advantage is now based on what you know rather than what you own.” Mary Adams Have you noticed that your customers, your boss, your co-workers, your friends and your family all share something in common? They all value what you know, not what you own. If you’re a plumber, the customer values your ability...
7 July 2016 - 15:55, by , in Inspiration, Lifestyle, No comments
“Being a great swimmer in a pool does not mean you’ll be successful in the ocean.” In a movie The Guardian, that’s what Kevin Costner’s veteran swimmer character warns Ashton Kutcher, a new Coast Guard rescue recruit. A pool has a defined depth with a concrete bottom. The ocean has a bottom, but often miles...
24 June 2016 - 22:19, by , in Business, Inspiration, Lifestyle, 3 comments
This was my view for 20 years while I logged 3 million miles on American Airlines. What did I get in return for those miles and years? Lifetime Platinum status on AA. Several million dollars in consulting revenue. And becoming a stranger in my own house. I recently shared with my Junto group three maxims...
20 May 2016 - 22:07, by , in Business, Inspiration, Lifestyle, No comments
You’ve likely heard about affluenza: the negative impacts of being raised with no consequences for bad behavior. This blog is about influenceza: the power of positive words and actions. Wielding power rarely results in lasting influence. But a person with the ability to influence people has lasting power. President Obama’s office has power but he...

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