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“What one thing would you like to change in your wife or husband?” This question is guaranteed to initiate a lively discussion at any gathering of husbands and wives. After an initial group response of nervous laughter, individual answers tend to fall into one of the following three categories: The Pious Response … “I wouldn’t...
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Someone once told me: “Don’t go fishing unless you’re ready to wait.” “Waiting” for the fish to bite is considered by most outdoor enthusiasts as a relaxing, value-added activity. But “waiting” has been found to be a frustrating, expensive non-value added category of cost in many organizations. If asked, you would likely classify the activity “Wait...
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Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people and successful companies keep moving. Our company moved to new offices last week. Moving can be tiring, time consuming and troubling. But through it all we learned some valuable lessons. I believe those lessons can be applied in any organization needing to improve cost and profitability....
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“Our company is like the heavyweight champion of the world. Thousands of contenders are trying to knock us off. We’re a bit like Rocky and Apollo Creed. It’s between rounds; we’re in the corner. We’re bruised, battered, and bloodied. But we’re going to stay in the ring. We’re not going to give up. We’re still...
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Ken weighed 450 pounds. He was a great hockey coach, leading a junior club to division championships in five out of his six seasons. But Ken’s real ambition was to coach in the National Hockey League (NHL). Despite having all the right coaching skills, Ken’s friends were blatantly honest with him when they said “You...
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The Vice President of Operations for a large, Dallas-based manufacturing company convinced the President and CFO to abandon Activity Based Costing (ABC) one month after implementation. Even though a consensus of headquarters and factory staff had deemed ABC to be a significant improvement from their legacy cost system, the new ABC system was set aside....

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