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Do You have Influenceza? : ICMS – Success is NOT Logical
Do You have Influenceza?: the difference in power and influence
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You’ve likely heard about affluenza: the negative impacts of being raised with no consequences for bad behavior. This blog is about influenceza: the power of positive words and actions.

Wielding power rarely results in lasting influence. But a person with the ability to influence people has lasting power.

  • President Obama’s office has power but he lacks influence with Congress.
  • Mother Teresa had great influence but no position of power.

My favorite explanation of power versus influence is in a blog by Arkansas-based media coach Richard McKeown. He listed 5 differential characteristics:

My favorite explanation of power versus influence is in a blog by Arkansas-based media coach Richard McKeown. He listed 5 differential characteristics:

  1. Power is positional. Influence is personal. President Jimmy Carter held the most powerful position in the world but will be most remembered for his influence on millions of people by volunteering to build Habitat for Humanity homes.
  2. Power is wielded. Influence is granted. Fidel Castro wielded military power to control Cuba. The world yielded Billy Graham influence over millions of lives because of his many years of servant leadership.
  3. Power pushes. Influence persuades. Steve Jobs preferred to influence change, not push it. Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison told USC grads last week that it was Jobs’ conversation during a 1995 hike that changed Ellison’s priority from power to influence.
  4.  Power is resented. Influence is respected. I resent the power of the IRS. I respect the positive influence Dave Ramsey and Barry Cameron have on my achieving and sustaining a debt-free lifestyle.
  5. Power expires. Influence endures. Vladimir Putin’s power will expire, either at or before his death. Ms. Doreen Young, deceased choir director at J. I. Carter Junior High School, continues to have a strong positive influence on my life. She took the initiative to change my sadness of not making the football team into a life-long love of music.

Sources of Power & Influence

Power is a force of influence that does not last. Power comes from a position of authority, physical size & strength or wealth. Few attain power in this manner.

Influence is a force that does last. It lasts in our hearts, soul and mind. The sources of influence are righteousness, serving and love. All can achieve influence.

The sources of power have limits. Not so with influence. The opportunities to influence are limitless. Examples:

  • Start blogging on how you’ve seen people and organizations improve. Doing this created a social media career for my daughter Valerie King.
  • Mail a handwritten thank you note to a person who least expects it. In 2016, receiving anything handwritten stands out.
  • Give people hope by offering to be the Dream Manager in your company. If the dream of someone is to send their child to college, help them put together a plan to make it happen. Having a written plan immediately provides hope. To learn how, read The Dream Manager book.
  • Ask your waitress if she has a need you can pray for when you say grace before eating the meal she brings. Then leave her a big tip!

The Power of the Other

As the father of a beautiful daughter I interviewed every boy she dated … even though I was often away from home on business.

How did I pull that off? By influencing and instilling my values into my daughter. She made wise choices, eventually choosing over 15 years ago a husband whom my wife and I also love.

My daughter is a carrier of influenceza!

Be a person of influence. It will give you super-powers.

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