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If I hire you, I won’t fire you. : ICMS – Success is NOT Logical
If I hire you, I won’t fire you.: Improving the hiring process
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My hiring process assumes that if you’re hired, you won’t be fired.”

If you told that to everyone you interviewed for a job opening, what impact would it have on them? On you?

Job seekers would know from the onset that your hiring process is going to be different. And you will be much more methodical in your decision making. 

Radio talk show host Dave Ramsey says no one is hired at Ramsey Solutions without at least 10 interviews. Dave and his leadership team assume a mindset from the onset that the person hired cannot be fired.

The “no-fire” mindset has resulted in a better quality of people being hired. And it’s resulted in happier people being hired. Turnover is rare.

My life maxim is “Success is NOT logical“. What I am recommending you do the next time you hire someone is not logical. But it will lead to greater success.

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