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Promises don’t replace Preparation : ICMS – Success is NOT Logical
Promises don’t replace Preparation
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father of bride giving daughter away

Just because you promise to do something does not mean you’re prepared to do it.

Couples make a lot of promises. To love one another in sickness and in health. Whether richer, or poorer. When things are good, or when they’re worse.

Most couples spend more time on planning the wedding ceremony than preparing themselves for the lifetime commitment called marriage.

We’re all guilty of making promises we’re not prepared to keep.

  • Have you promised your boss to make a 5-minute presentation on strategic planning at next week’s staff meeting but don’t know how to prepare?
  • Have you promised the family to prepare a succession plan for the family business but don’t know what fulfilling that commitment entails?
  • Have you promised to pray for someone’s immediate need for rent money but your “spend more than you make” lifestyle makes you unprepared to give them some money right now?

Last week we witnessed the perfect example of what it looks like when men and women are prepared to fulfill their promise to serve and protect. The Dallas and DART police instinctively ran towards the gunfire. Everyone else ran away from it.

What promise are you unprepared to keep? Name it and claim it. Be specific as to what you need to learn. Then ask people like myself to prepare you. I may not be the best person to prepare you, but I am confident I can connect you to a person who can.

CLICK HERE if you need to prepare yourself to keep a promise.

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