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When I read a non-fiction book, I keep a pen in hand. I underline meaningful concepts, useful recommendations and relevant examples presented by the author. After I’ve read a book, I flip through the pages. If it has lots of underlines, I keep it. If there are few or none, I sell it.

Here are five books I’ve read in 2001 that are loaded with underlines:

  • Make It Happen Before Lunchby Stephan Schiffman This book is loaded with practical ideas to achieve more results in your business. We need to focus on value-added activities in the morning!
  • 17 Lies That are Holding You Back & the Truth that will set You Free” by Steve Chandler The book is thought-provoking and loaded with useful ideas to initiate change. What ABM lies sound like the truth? What ABM truths sound like a lie? I’ve created a list. Have you?
  • The Experience Economyby Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore This is a must read for managers involved in the strategic planning process in their organization. Customers no longer buy products or services… they are looking for an experience! What is an experience? For me, it’s a series of activities.
  • The Power of Simplicityby Jack Trout
  • If you are looking for practical ideas to simplify your business, Jack has some thought-provoking recommendations to eliminate non-value activities from your personal and professional life.

If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat by John Ortberg Even though we want to improve, most of us have a “boat” that we’re afraid to get out of. This Biblically-based book will help you personally and professionally. Managers often want the proven benefits of ABM, Six Sigma or Business
Process Reengineering, but they’re hesitant to step out of old practices.


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