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Waze for Business
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I wish there was a Waze app for navigating my business and career.

When driving I use the Waze app on my cell phone because:

  • It offers me alternative routes to my desired destination.
  • It routes me around unexpected obstacles, like accidents.
  • It re-routes me to my desired destination if I make a wrong turn or mistake.

Someone recently asked “Is there something like Waze for my business?

I answered “Yes, there are three versions. Mentor, coach or business advisor.”

Instead of you looking at a screen they look you in the eyes. A mentor, coach or business advisor ask great questions. They listen. They help you decide.

Like Waze, these three business applications offer alternative routes to your desired business or career destination. And using their personal experience, skills and wisdom, a mentor, coach or business advisor guides you away from obstacles and picks you up when you’ve made a mistake.

If you or your business needs a Waze, download me at TomPryor@icms.net .

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