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No Train, No Gain : ICMS – Success is NOT Logical
No Train, No Gain
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17 August 2013 - 22:56, by , in Activity-Based Cost Management, No comments

“The only thing worse than training employees and having them leave is not training employees and having them stay.”

This thought provoking statement by Zig Ziglar hits at the heart why many ABM implementations fall short of expectations. Many ABM champions spend all their project budget on software and consultants, leaving little or no resources to train employees “how to use” the new ABM information and reports.

While the principle of ABM is common sense….activities consume resources and products consume activities….ABM is not common knowledge in the non-financial ranks of your organization. To achieve and sustain meaningful ABM results, all managers and employees must eventually be trained “How to Read”, “How to Interpret” and “How to Use” ABM & ABC reports. ABM always fails in an organization if training is limited to the ABM Pilot Project team and the accountants.

ICMS offers on-line ABM and ABC training at www.LearnABM.com plus a variety of ABM and ABConsite workshops for your non-financial managers and employees. For example, here are a couple of our most popular courses:

ABM & ABC for the Non-Financial Manager…this comprehensive two day onsite workshop, led by ICMS expert trainers, will use your own activity accounting data to teach managers “how to” read, interpret and use their own ABM information. Are you tired of pushing ABM? After this workshop, managers will be pulling for more and more useful ABM information. An ICMS facilitator, using your facts, in a fun learning process will create fantastic results.

ABM Continuous Improvement Workshop…this 2 day workshop has become the most popular workshop in ICMS’s portfolio. Using your own ABM/ABC data, we teach both direct and indirect labor employees “how to” define, implement and measure cost reduction projects for their work area. Cost savings projects identified during this workshop will be presented to senior management for approval. Typically these cost savings projects provide a 10:1 payback on the ICMS workshop fees. Call ICMS at 817-475-2945 for more details, examples, and client references. One recent workshop client had this to say about the continuous improvement workshop……

“The workshops are professionally facilitated and have resulted in cost savings plans which are many multiples of your fee for services.”
Fred Wszolek, FORD Motor Company

REMEMBER….Profits will not improve until every employee understands and uses ABM information on a regular basis. Call or e-mail us today to discuss your training needs… Phone: 817.633.2873 E-mail:tompryor@icms.net

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