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According to the October 31st Wall Street Journal a new, interdisciplinary field is developing called “spiritual capital”. (1) Economists and religious scholars are jointly investigating the public effects of religion “on larger society and the economy.” In our post-Enron world, people and corporations are searching for a reliable source of ethical, successful truths. An increasing number of...
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The voice on the phone said, “As of June 13, 2005, the balance due on your mortgage is zero dollars and zero cents. If you would like to repeat this message, press 4 on your telephone keypad.” I responded by pressing “4” several more times! Why? Because it was music to my ears.   July 4th is...
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While sunrise is my favorite time of the day, one of my favorite places to watch sunset was destroyed June 1, 2005. The Oasis restaurant burned after a lightning strike. Popular for many decades with Austinites and Texas tourists, people ate Tex-Mex and nachos while they watch the sun go down from one of the...
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Martin England was a life insurance salesman. He asked Martin Luther King to purchase a policy, but Rev. King declined. Mr. England, however, would not give up. He followed Rev. King from town to town. Not because Martin England needed the sale, but because Martin King needed the insurance. On April 4, 1968, three months...
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Inconveniences offer opportunities to improve. The pharmacy would not refill my asthma medication last summer. The authorized refills had run out and my doctor had retired. After I described my symptoms to a new allergist, he replied, “Before I approve a refill of your prescription, I’d like a CAT scan of your sinuses.” When I...

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