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10 Signs it’s Time to Transition : ICMS – Success is NOT Logical
10 Signs it’s Time to Transition
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70% of America’s 20 million small businesses will transition leadership in the next 10 years.

Transition is change.

The 3-Steps to successful change are:

Step 1. Dissatisfaction with the status quo.

Sept 2. Awareness of a better way.

Step 3. Belief you can successfully implement and sustain the better way.

Top 10 Signs I’ve seen cause leaders of family-owned businesses to become dissatisfied and ready to transition out

10. You dread it when the phone rings at work.
9. You no longer feel creative.
8. You say “Thank God it’s Friday” instead of “Thank God it’s Monday.”
7. You’ve lost your resilience.
6. You have no margin left in your life … time, money, energy.
5. You are NOT content.
4. You resist change instead of embracing it or creating it.
3. You’ve lost your WHY. (See Simon Sinek’s Start with Why book)
2. Your work life has become focused on providing answers instead of asking great questions. Answers close doors. Questions open them.
1.Somewhere along the way the price tags in your life got switched. What you used to value you no longer do.

What would you add to my list?

If you currently are experiencing any of these signs, contact me to discuss Step 2 of change: Awareness of a better way. That way is TransitionStrong.

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