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Plan of the Rings : ICMS – Success is NOT Logical
Plan of the Rings
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J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings uses 20 rings for power. Your 1-page strategic “Plan of the Rings” needs only 5 rings for defining a simple way to grow your company’s sales and profits in 90-days.


To purchase the template click here.

The BullsEye 1-Page Strategic Plan is formed by asking questions. Questions open doors. Answers close them.

After you’ve purchased the BullsEye strategic plan template on www.ICMS.net, there are 3-Steps to create your 1-page plan:

Step #1

Define your organization’s WHY.

WHY is the center BullsEye of the plan. Vision + Mission = 7-8 word WHY.

Your WHY must (a) be only 7-8 words; (b) use simple language; (c) be Big & Bold; (d) have an AHA! effect; (e) come from the heart; (f) involve everyone; (g) not be about money; and, (h) be bigger than a goal.

Example WHY’s:

Southwest Airlines: Provide affordable air travel to the average American.

TED Talks: Spread ideas.

Kahn Academy: Provide a free, world-class education to everyone, anywhere.

A great WHY impacts sales growth. It motivates customers, employees and leadership.

Step #2

Ask the ultimate strategic question.

Based on past experiences, current conditions and future goals, WHAT is the wise thing we should offer customers?

Then ask “WHO is the customer of that WHAT?

Then ask “WHERE is that customer?

Then ask “HOW do we implement the new WHAT?

And finally ask “What’s a reliable indicator that our strategy is a WIN?

Ask those questions for each new WHAT you change in your strategy.

Step #3

Implement the new strategy, don’t sit on it.

Enter Step #2 answers into the BullsEye template, print copies and give to employees so they can implement the plan.

You’ve planned the work. Now, work the plan.

To watch a short video on how BullsEye planning works, go to ICMS home page.

To purchase the template click here.

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