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24 June 2016 - 22:19, by , in Business, Inspiration, Lifestyle, 3 comments
This was my view for 20 years while I logged 3 million miles on American Airlines. What did I get in return for those miles and years? Lifetime Platinum status on AA. Several million dollars in consulting revenue. And becoming a stranger in my own house. I recently shared with my Junto group three maxims...
“Put it in writing” is some of the simplest, wisest advice I’ve been given. Here are several examples: – Putting her end of life wishes in writing, made the difficult decisions at the end of my mother’s life much easier. – Putting in writing what I want my legacy to be resulted in the publishing...
20 May 2016 - 22:07, by , in Business, Inspiration, Lifestyle, No comments
You’ve likely heard about affluenza: the negative impacts of being raised with no consequences for bad behavior. This blog is about influenceza: the power of positive words and actions. Wielding power rarely results in lasting influence. But a person with the ability to influence people has lasting power. President Obama’s office has power but he...
27 October 2015 - 0:52, by , in Business, No comments
For many Baby Boomer family-business owners, it’s wiser to exit the business via a gradual transition than leaving cold-turkey. The transition from working 5 workdays a week goes to 4-days, 3-days, 2-days, to 1-day a week and then blastoff to the next phase of your life. The transition method to exit a family business is so...
8 October 2015 - 0:00, by , in Business, 1 comment
Once upon a time there was an entrepreneur who invented the world’s best black-ink pen. Customers loved them. Sales grew monthly. The profit margin grew from 5% to 10%. In the second year the Sales Manager recommended offering customers a pen with blue-ink. The entrepreneur replied “It’s okay with me, as long as you can...
1 September 2015 - 0:44, by , in Business, No comments
Where should you focus if your business needs to grow? It’s logical to focus on identifying improvement ideas for the business; but, Success is NOT Logical. Logical is doing what the crowd does. But if you look closely at the results of those in the crowd, they’re NOT successful. To grow my business, I learned in...
28 July 2015 - 0:27, by , in Business, No comments
Having a sense of meaning is essential for a man or woman to successfully retire or exit their family business. According to songwriter Paul Simon, there are 50 ways to leave your lover. If you’re the owner of a business, however, there are only 9 ways to leave the business you love:   1. Transition...

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